Personal Record System

Controlling Personnel Training Records, Drug & Alcohol Screening, Technician’s qualifications and Certifications, Rosters, Human Factors, Hazmat Training and much more its never been easier.

PRS is design in compliance with FAA AC 120-78 to be approved by your local FSDO as an Electronic Record Keeping System.

PRS keeps on its memory all “Course Titles” previously entered making it easier to data entry lengthy training records on multiple employees. Training records can be printed in a simple format or on any FAA pre-approved format.

Based on the security requirements of AC 120-78, only the users programmed into the system will have access to the Personnel Record System.

A password protects any change to the employees’ information. All personal information is encrypted assuring total protection even if an intruder gets access to the system through a “network backdoor.”

Following the AC120-78 recommendations, an Audit System was incorporated into the software to run a self-test diagnostic every 60 days.

Upon delivered, the PRS is entirely customized with your company logo, address, and capability list.