Activity Record System

ARS Version 2.0 Facilitates your billing and adds traceability to services accomplished by your repair station.

Some of the ARS features:

  • Print or display a list of all technicians that worked on a specific flight or job
  • Print a report showing all technicians working hours. (Great feature to allocate manpower)
  • Search for a specific flight date and display details.
  • Print a time frame summary of all flights of a specific company with subtotals and totals.


The ARS will allow your repair station to keep service records efficiently in a way that can be easily searched. FAA inspectors will be impressed at how quickly records can be found and reports are generated in seconds!

With the ARS, vital information can be retrieved and filtered quickly such as:

  • Company Monthly Summaries With Service Subtotals
  • Total Working Hours
  • Total Expendables
  • Total Overtime Hours
  • Work Performed
  • And more…